We have partnered with Cyberfi once again to bring our community so exciting options regarding staking $SPWN. Bitspawn Protocol will be join the Samurai StakePad this week. Check out the details below on how to participate.

After a triumphant launch on the Samurai LaunchPad, Bitspawn and CyberFi decided to extend their fruitful collaboration to bring once again some profits to their investors.

Users will be able to stake their token starting from the 21st of July at 10:00 AM UTC and this until the 21st of October at 23:59 UTC which will mark the end of the Staking Period.


To support our token launch, we continued our journey of building out the deposit & withdrawal flows in the wallet tab of bitspawn.gg. We have even brought on more muscle power to help accelerate the backlog to bring more to our gamers! Our changes from our last sprint help support a clean foundation for scalable builds in the near future. As we aim to complete phase 1 of our token launch features in this current sprint, we start to prepare for an exciting approach to our tournament & staking capabilities. See below for what’s coming next!


Bitspawn APP:

  • Platform…

Lots happened over the weeks of June 2nd through to June 16th. The design team finalized off our rebrand guidelines and Branding kit and with that our entire site saw an update. The development team started to update the platform with new logos and color schemes to bring life to the Bitspawn app. We continued to refactor user account wallet components preparing our support for the SPWN token with existing user credits on Bitspawn.gg. During token launch we are focused on enabling the ability to deposit & withdraw SPWN tokens on our platform. …

ACL (American Club Leagues) , in collaboration with Bitspawn Protocol, is proud announce the first ever ACL 5v5 Tournament starting 7/14/2021 on the Bitspawn platform.

The tournament sponsored by Bitspawn Protocol will have a total prize pool of $2500 USD,

1st place taking $1500

2nd place taking $750

3rd taking $250.

This tournament is FREE to enter with a $0 entrance fee for tournament participants .

Be sure to follow the directions below for future tournament opportunities & sponsored events.

In order to enter a team into the tournament Bitspawn requires all participants to complete the following items.

  1. Head over…

Attention community!

After weeks of preparation and hard work, our highly-anticipated IDO is finally live on Cyberfi today (June 14th) as of 2PM UTC! The IDO will run for 24 hours until June 15th, 2pm UTC and token distributions will begin on June 21st.

If you completed and passed KYC, head on over to Cyberfi / Samurai to participate!

👉 https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/

More information about the token launch timeline can be found on our blog

👉 Read more

  • Whitelist Open: 4th June 10:00UTC
  • Whitelist Close: 12th June 10:00 UTC
  • Whitelist Ann: 12th June 12:00 UTC
  • KYC opens: 12th June 12:00 UTC

Bitspawn is pleased to announce a recent collaboration with Sydeon a Valorant / Cosplay focused Twitch Streamer. Bitspawn will be hosting an “Ultimate PC Giveaway” to a lucky contestant. To participate in the giveaway follow the steps below:

  1. Go to https://bitspawn.gg/giveaways/sydeon

2. Sign up for the contest with your email and follow the steps to have a chance for more entries.

3. Keep an eye out on bitspawn.gg/giveaways — we plan to run monthly giveaways

BitSpawn Links




Instagram — https://instagram.com/bitspawnprotocol

Sydeons Links

Twitch — https://www.twitch.tv/sydeon

Twitter — https://twitter.com/Sydeon

We are pleased to announce our official IDO whitelist now open with Cyberfi.

Whitelist open now: https://forms.gle/mivcmRbLKQGyqjGp7

Buy $CFi on Uniswap and Stake $CFi to participate: https://samurai.cyberfi.tech/stake-pad/cfi-stake

BITSPAWN aims to create a solution for gamers seeking equal opportunities to compete by creating a gamer-based economy on an agnostic platform. Since inception Bitspawn has forged strong partnerships with some industry behemoths such as Moonwhale, Black Dragon and Blocklabs to ensure optimal success.


This will be a guaranteed IDO with a $600,000 raise. We will announce the allocations per Tier after Whitelist ends.

Whitelist open now: https://forms.gle/mivcmRbLKQGyqjGp7

And will end on the…

How to earn playing games, why Solana is a better solution than Ethereum, and how to build trust on a decentralized platform — all of that and much more in a conversation with Bitspawn founder Eric Godwin.

Former competitive gamer, he currently leads the team and product development at Bitspawn.

Godwin said that Bitspawn was created with the goal of enabling more than 2 billion gamers around the world to develop new streams of revenue and income outside the traditional areas of streaming and content creation.

On competitors

When asked whether there are competitors in the space, Godwin admitted that…

We have completed most of the refactoring for functionalities like tournaments and challenges of the platform for better user experience and started to refine the user account wallet components preparing supporting SPWN token on the platform together with existing user credits. With token launch just around the corner we are in parallel still continuing changes to enhance the automated challenges experience for our Warzone fans on different consoles like Playstation and Xbox! See the work below for what’s coming next!


Bitspawn APP:

  • Crypto deposit flow and Fiat Purchase flow
  • Improving purchase flow for PayPal & Stripe into platform
  • Creating…

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Stratos, a Decentralized Data Infrastructure provider that is taking the blockchain space by storm.

This partnership with Stratos will help accelerate our development on our NFT marketplace and will ensure we provide the best product to our users.

Stratos will be responsible for building the framework to manage the ownership and the accessibility of digital assets for Bitspawn Protocol, while our users will be able to interact with game-related assets in new ways.

We believe this first mover partnership will illustrate the power of the Stratos Decentralized Storage Network and will be…

Bitspawn Protocol

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