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Happy to announce that Bitspawn will be live on ProBit Global exchange!


ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange worldwide servicing crypto enthusiasts with unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and 600+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

Trading Pairs:



Deposit: September 16, 2021, 05:00 UTC

Trading: September 17, 2021, 05:00 UTC

ProBit Global:

We provided an increased amount of Challenges with more variation around our dual token solution. We have completed development for Marketplace, and will be looking to bring this to life very soon! We’ve tweaked our account linking solution to allow for flexible linkage between consoles/pc to game. We are reaching near the end of our work on the Manual Tournament Rework with little touches that support end to end tournament experience. We launched on Raydium! And we will start looking at supporting Solana on Bitspawn APP in the near future. We are halfway through September and a lot of big…

Bitspawn Bi-Weekly Progress Report: August 11th — August 25th 2021

We enabled the ability to link XBOX and PSN accounts to participate in our Warzone Challenges! This feature is the foundation to enable more game account linkage in the future, and build out more automated experiences. We also continued to work on the Manual Tournament Rework & Marketplace redeem flow. Last but not least, we are starting to build out our SPL flows. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again… September will be a big month for Bitspawn stay tuned for what’s coming next! See below for more!

Here is a full overview on our Tokenomics 👇

IDO price — $0.015
Private sale — $0.012
Seeds sale — $0.00375
Total Supply — 2,000,000,000 $SPWN
Initial circulating supply — 158,000,000 $SPWN
Allocation percentages — Sale 30%, Team 20%, Ecosystem 30%, Liquidity/rewards 20%
Lockup periods and vesting schedule — Investors are vested over 6–9 months depending on the round. Team tokens are locked for 1 year and vested over the second year.

We continued to build out our backend for frontend to simplify some integrations! We brought to life our automation testing, giving us the ability to have higher test coverage, better insights, and faster feedback cycle. We updated our 2FA solution to provide a cleaner experience for our users, and as mentioned last week will continue on building out our tournament creation journey. September will be a big month for Bitspawn stay tuned for what’s coming next! See below for more!


Bitspawn APP:

  1. Enable Marketplace Redeem Flow
  2. Manual Tournament Rework
  3. Create Filter for Tournament Page
  4. Bracket Creation Enhancements to support Manual…

We are preparing for some really cool integrations with newly formed partnerships! In order to make sure we allow for more of these in the future we are making tweaks to our security to better support for the future partnerships to come. We will continue to make small tweaks to the conversion solution, this will make the flow much cleaner since we brought our balance illustration to life. Bringing tournaments to life is a major priority for Bitspawn, and we will be spending time building out our multi-stage approach for multiple types of tournament types. Lots is coming soon! …

We’ve fully launched our withdraw & deposit flow for SPWN! Our focus now is to empower our users to enter challenges using SPWN tokens to generate their own wealth! We are also preparing to bring in a really cool partner who will enable us to give more back to our community… stay tuned for more! Near future state, we are solutioning for staking and team organizations on the web application. See below for what’s coming next!

We have partnered with Cyberfi once again to bring our community so exciting options regarding staking $SPWN. Bitspawn Protocol will be join the Samurai StakePad this week. Check out the details below on how to participate.

After a triumphant launch on the Samurai LaunchPad, Bitspawn and CyberFi decided to extend their fruitful collaboration to bring once again some profits to their investors.

Users will be able to stake their token starting from the 21st of July at 10:00 AM UTC and this until the 21st of October at 23:59 UTC which will mark the end of the Staking Period.


To support our token launch, we continued our journey of building out the deposit & withdrawal flows in the wallet tab of We have even brought on more muscle power to help accelerate the backlog to bring more to our gamers! Our changes from our last sprint help support a clean foundation for scalable builds in the near future. As we aim to complete phase 1 of our token launch features in this current sprint, we start to prepare for an exciting approach to our tournament & staking capabilities. See below for what’s coming next!


Bitspawn APP:

  • Platform…

Lots happened over the weeks of June 2nd through to June 16th. The design team finalized off our rebrand guidelines and Branding kit and with that our entire site saw an update. The development team started to update the platform with new logos and color schemes to bring life to the Bitspawn app. We continued to refactor user account wallet components preparing our support for the SPWN token with existing user credits on During token launch we are focused on enabling the ability to deposit & withdraw SPWN tokens on our platform. …

Bitspawn Protocol

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