American Clubs League Collaborates with Bitspawn Protocol — The First 5v5 Fifa 21 Pro Clubs Tournament Starting 7/14/2021

ACL (American Club Leagues) , in collaboration with Bitspawn Protocol, is proud announce the first ever ACL 5v5 Tournament starting 7/14/2021 on the Bitspawn platform.

The tournament sponsored by Bitspawn Protocol will have a total prize pool of $2500 USD,

1st place taking $1500

2nd place taking $750

3rd taking $250.

This tournament is FREE to enter with a $0 entrance fee for tournament participants .

Be sure to follow the directions below for future tournament opportunities & sponsored events.

In order to enter a team into the tournament Bitspawn requires all participants to complete the following items.

  1. Head over to, Register for an account.
  2. Follow us on Our Social Media accounts.

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Pro Clubs 5v5 Tournament Rules

2. Each club shall only be allowed a maximum of 5 players per match.

3. If a club has more than the maximum on roster or less than the match minimum of 3, the matches will be subject to forfeit.

3.1 Managers caught with players over the roster limit are subject to suspension.

3.2 A club can play a match under the match minimum of 3 if the opposing club’s manager agrees to play.

4. Matches are played TBD. Start time will be TBD (Stay Tuned)

5. Matches must be played at the scheduled time.

5.1 All exceptions to this rule must be approved by the admin.

5.2 There is no grace time.

5.3 Club who wants to submit a win due to the opposing team not joining during scheduled time must send a match invitation on stream to be eligible for forfeit.

6. All matches must be streamed and the stream needs to start at least 4–5 minute before the official game time.

6.1 During the tournament, managers found not streaming their match will be suspended for one match.

6.2 Streamed matches must be archived for a minimum of two weeks. Failure to provide a stream upon request will result in a 1 match suspension for the manager.

6.3 The captain in the lobby must be the person who is streaming the match. Failure to comply shall result in a two match suspension and double for each corresponding offense.

6.4 For all divisions party audio is optional. If your audio is on, and something happens that the Administrative Team considers to be inappropriate, the team and players involved will be subject to discipline determined by the Admins.

7. ANY is mandatory.

7.1 NO Goalkeepers allowed

7.2 . A club that doesn’t use an “ANY” will take an automatic 1–0 forfeit loss.

8. If an “ANY” disconnects any time after the 10th minute, there is no need to quit.

9. If an “ANY” disconnects after the 10th minute and a club quits, that club will receive a 1–0 forfeit loss.

10. Each club will be given one chance to quit the match before 10 minutes. No justification is needed.

10.1 When a club drops it is illegal to substitute human players

11. If there is a connectivity issue between both clubs, clubs should fall back to their back up clubs and attempt to play the match.

11.1 Create a back up club to help with sending or receiving invites from opponent

12. Quitting after 10 minutes will result in an automatic loss. (Video Proof Required)

13. If after a disconnection within the 10 minutes a goal has been scored, that goal shall stand. (Video Proof Required)

14. It is forbidden to intentionally push, block, or interfere with the defending goalkeeper in the goal area during corner kicks and throw-ins.

14.1 During the normal run of play all claims must prove a deliberate attempt to interfere with the goalkeeper.

14.2 It is forbidden to block or interfere with the goalkeeper while the goalkeeper is taking a free kick.

14.3. It is forbidden to intentionally interfere with a defender in the penalty area on a set piece.

15. If it is deemed that a club scored as a result of interference, the goal shall be disallowed. (Video Proof required).

16. A player that receives a red card during a match, won’t be able to play the next match after. This applies to the Tournament. They will be required to play with the sub and the other play will sit out or play with less than the max.

17. A match featuring an ineligible player shall result in a forfeit.

17.1 Any team caught using a glitch to artificially increase their players overall or attributes past what is considered the standard range shall be subject to a 6 game suspension. The manager will also be suspended for 6 games and the matches played with that player shall be ruled forfeit.

17.2 The Admin Team reserves the right to determine what is or isn’t constituted as a glitch.

18. Playing with an unregistered player is forbidden. Unregistered players are ineligible.

19. Each match up will be 2 games & will be home & away (aggregate)

19.1 This means the Captain of team 1 will be sending an invite for the first game, and the Captain of team 2 will send an invite for the second game.

19.2 If the game draws, you will play the extra time & penalties… Winner of the game will get the +1 on goal difference before penalties for aggregate

19.3 if the game is drawn on the aggregate you will continue to penalties

20. Free agents are free to join a club at 3 hours before any match time.

20.1 Any time after the completion of the first set of matches for a scheduled day NO MORE TRANSFERS ALLOWED. Clubs must have an open roster space to sign a free agent. (MAX is 6 per team)

20.2 Transfer requests that require admin must be received 3 hours before match time

21. A manager shall not join another club if there team gets knocked of our tournament

22. Managers that abandon their clubs shall be suspended for the next 5v5 league.

22.1 If the manager wants to hand over responsibility this needs to approved by an admin

23. If a player is already at an existing club, and hasn’t played in any matches, the clubs need to negotiate the transfer of a player. A player can’t transfer to a new club without notifying his manager and without the manager approving the transfer.


31. Club Managers have to submit stats after completion of the game to progress in the bracket

31.1 For any manager seeking to report a stat violation against the opposing team:

· You must report it directly to the admin and not publicly give the admin a chance to view the result and confirm it.

· The admin must log into the site and confirm the missing stats. This helps us to verify and confirm that any evidence submitted has not been altered.

31.2 Failure to follow the proper procedure will result in a forfeiture of the right to an altered result.

32. If stats are not reported before the deadline the match shall be forfeited 1–0. The player’s stats shall count. Only the final score shall be adjusted.

32.1 If a mistake is made while reporting the stats, the manager needs to notify an admin right away. Failure to do so shall result in a match forfeit.

33. If a user engages in an activity that is not specifically against the rules as written but is designed to manipulate or circumvent the rules, then that user will receive a penalty determined by the admins based on the severity of the infraction, at their discretion.

34. The administrators of the 5v5 Pro Clubs Tournament reserve the right to change the rules at any time IF WARRANTED (i.e. EA Servers go down)

35. A player may not have multiple accounts in the 5v5 Pro Clubs League/Tournament. Any violation of this rule will result in a suspension.

36. No racist audio comments allowed on streams. Managers and streamers are accountable for the audio of their teammates. Offender, streamer, and manager are all subject to a game forfeit following administrator review and decision.

37. Goalkeeper pants are only allowed to be worn by goalkeepers. During the tournament violating this rule CAN result in a 1–0 forfeit. (Admin Review)

38. Players on the roster who have not played a match with the club can not join another club any time during the tournament.

39. All games will be played on a North America host, The Captain must live in NA to be an eligible host. If a team sends outside of NA they will forfeit the match.

5v5 Tournament Defined Rules

2. All playoff matches will be played on the TBD schedule, including the final.

3. The final match of Pro Clubs 5v5 will be Home and Away.

4. Clubs are allowed to sign any players during the tournament matches.

5. There is no “Away Goal” in the playoffs.

6. “Global Score” applies to the 5v5 Tournament.

7. If 2 clubs during a tournament match finish both Home and Away match in a draw in final 32 onward or if the global score is a draw, a third match will be played to decide the winner.

7.1. If a draw occurs after the third match the clubs shall play extra time. If the score is tied after extra time the clubs shall go to penalty kicks.

12. NO GK is allowed for 5v5 Pro Clubs Tournament

13. If a club uses a GK, they will forfeit the match. (Video proof required by the opposing club).

14. An “ANY” cannot be the GK at the same time.

15. If an “ANY” is playing as the GK, he will get suspended for one match & Forfeit the game. (Video proof required by the opposing club)