Bi-Weekly Progress Report August 11th to August 25th 2021

Bitspawn Bi-Weekly Progress Report: August 11th — August 25th 2021

We enabled the ability to link XBOX and PSN accounts to participate in our Warzone Challenges! This feature is the foundation to enable more game account linkage in the future, and build out more automated experiences. We also continued to work on the Manual Tournament Rework & Marketplace redeem flow. Last but not least, we are starting to build out our SPL flows. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again… September will be a big month for Bitspawn stay tuned for what’s coming next! See below for more!


Bitspawn APP:

1. Enable Marketplace Redeem Flow

2. Manual Tournament Rework

3. Bracket Creation Enhancements to support Manual Tournament Rework

4. Tournament organizer admin experience

Bitspawn Payment:

1. Support SPL SPWN Token Withdraw

2. Support SPL SPWN Token Deposit

Bitspawn Protocol:

1. Modify APIs for Manual Tournament Code Refactor

2. Allow for more variation on console account linkage

3. Increase volume of challenges being created


Bitspawn APP:

1. Platform ID solution for more account linkage

2. Create Filter for Tournament Page

3. Conversion of Credit to SPWN and vice versa

4. User security page rework

Bitspawn Payment:

1. Update deposit manager to support Marketplace development

2. Withdraw address to user payment

3. Update for deposit records

Bitspawn Protocol:

1. Allow for users to connect PSN and/or Xbox Account for Warzone Challenges