Bitspawn 2.0 Launch

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4 min readDec 21, 2022

Bitspawn would like to bring the community a fresh and feature filled update with its 2.0 ecosystem launch. Bitspawn is here to bring you the best in tokenized gaming. Our new flagship feature, Wagers, allows players to quickly earn rewards while playing against each other in their favorite skill-based video games. The Bitspawn community has a lot more to look forward to as the ecosystem progresses to create new features and utilities to be enjoyed by all gamers.


Bitspawn has made earning rewards in skill-based games against your friends and other competitors simple, fun, and efficient. Head to head matches in either single player or team based formats. The new wagers feature brings the action and rewards much faster than tournaments or challenges.

How Does Wagering Work?

Wagers are head to head events in either 1v1 or team vs team format. These wagers set up the main game type and parameters, along with prize pool and token fee data. Players are encouraged to connect with each other via their linked Discord accounts to communicate and organize the wager play through or game specific settings.

Rage Insurance

A safeguard against bad sportsmanship. Rage insurance ensures players act in good faith for each wager. A token balance is held from each player in escrow and returned after the wager is successfully completed by participating parties. These Rage Insurance tokens are only taken from players if they fail to accurately report their scores or they simply leave the wager match while it is ongoing.


Payouts are all handled on-chain, trustless and instant once a wager match is completed. If a dispute arises between players and is flagged, the wager will be reviewed by our dispute resolution system. In these situations payout can take upwards of 24 hours to ensure both parties are verified and results are triple checked. Bad actors will lose their Rage Insurance tokens. All processed payouts are finalized.


Stake your $SPWN tokens, earn extra rewards by staking your NFTs (rarity-based reward multiplier).

How Does Staking Work?

Users can stake SPL SPWN TOKENS or SPWN GODS NFTs on Bitspawn utilizing Solana blockchain.

To stake your tokens, you will have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: connect your preferred wallet by clicking “select wallet”

Step 2: enter your staking amount you wish to stake for 3 months

Step 3: list of NFTs held in wallet will populate, and user can stake any of the NFTs shown


Yes, SPWNGODS can be staked.

One or more SPWNGODS can be staked to increase the return rate for staking rewards.

Each trait of the SPWNGODS NFT will benefit from a fixed reward bonus pre-defined by traits rarity. The traits rarity map will be provided during the staking.

Player Profile

The player profile has been enhanced with many quality of life features including:

  • Live Wager Stats
  • Wager Management
  • NFT Showroom
  • Wallet Management

Link your game accounts to make connecting with other players easy. Share your social accounts with simple links so you can communicate with other players for your matches efficiently.

Non-Custodial Wallet

An update has been made to enhance user experience while using Bitspawn. You can now link your wallet and use it instead of relying on a platform wallet. Your keys, your crypto. Bitspawn now supports a variety of Solana-based wallets, with support for ERC-20 wallets coming in the future.



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