Bitspawn Bi-Weekly Progress Report: August 25th — September 8th 2021

We provided an increased amount of Challenges with more variation around our dual token solution. We have completed development for Marketplace, and will be looking to bring this to life very soon! We’ve tweaked our account linking solution to allow for flexible linkage between consoles/pc to game. We are reaching near the end of our work on the Manual Tournament Rework with little touches that support end to end tournament experience. We launched on Raydium! And we will start looking at supporting Solana on Bitspawn APP in the near future. We are halfway through September and a lot of big features will come to life for Bitspawn… stay tuned for what’s coming next! See below for more!


Bitspawn APP:

1. Enable ability to create a team on Bitspawn app

2. Enable ability to have a team wallet and address specific to team

3. Manual Tournament Rework

4. Tournaments landing page redesign

5. Bracket Creation Enhancements to support Manual Tournament Rework

6. Tournament organizer admin experience

Bitspawn Payment:

1. Support SPL SPWN Token Withdraw

2. Support SPL SPWN Token Deposit

Bitspawn Protocol:

1. Modify APIs for Manual Tournament Code Refactor Part 2

2. Modify APIs for Team Creation Code Refactor

3. Back end updates to support Team Wallet


Bitspawn APP:

1. Enable Marketplace Redeem Flow

2. Create Filter for Tournament Page

3. Update Email Template For Marketplace Purchase

4. Update Filter System for Marketplace

5. Improved console account linkage solution

Bitspawn Payment:

1. Ability to store redeem products from Marketplace flow

2. Update Deposit Manager to support Marketplace Flow

3. Update to docker container

Bitspawn Protocol:

1. Increase volume of challenges being created

2. Modify APIs for Manual Tournament Code Refactor Part 1

3. Allow for more variation on console account linkage

In the dev environment we’ve completed the marketplace for Phaze Integration! here is the landing page starting at USA for what is available to convert from Credits to a Gift Card

If you want to redeem a card, with credits earned! you can then do so by selecting or entering the amount you wish to redeem! The redeem will be submitted and you will see the gift card sent to the email registered on our platform! We are waiting on the production key to so we are able to launch it fully, but MVP work is complete for now!



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Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.