Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn Bi-Weekly Progress Report: May 5th 2021 — May 19th 2021

We have continued our journey of restructuring the application by continuing to optimize the platform and prepare for full support of Bitspawn token(s) launch. While being full speed ahead on preparing the application for token launch, we are also focused on enhancing the automated challenges experience for our Warzone fans! See the work below for what’s coming next!


Bitspawn APP:

• Adding Giveaways feature

• User Game Account Linkage & Stats Automation

• Allow user to link PSN & Xbox Live account

• Validate user tag hasn’t already been taken

• Ability to Dispute Gamer ID/User ID

Add a link to a contact form for users to dispute if their gamer tag is taken

• New Defined Card/Badges for Challenges

• Upgrade challenge cards with the ability to display different states for Free entry vs paid entry

• Refactor Challenges Code

• Clean challenges code so we are in a better position to add improvements

Bitspawn Payment:

• Upgrade user deposit withdraw records

• SPWN ERC20 Token Deposit and Withdraw

Bitspawn Protocol:

• Decouple Blockchain & Add Transaction Processor

• Modify APIs for Tournament State Machine

• Update Challenges API to support App

• Update Challenge state machine with new contract

• Improve API for game data intake

• Improve API for correct users gaming account info


Bitspawn APP:

• Account Pages + Back Profile Additional Redirect

• Enable users to navigate to edit profile and then use browser back to land on the past profile tab they were on.

• Warnings & Error messages cleanup

• Refactor image upload/crop component

• Standardized Modals for notifications and confirmation across the site

• Update the Redux Usage

Bitspawn Payment:

• Ethereum Deposit & Withdraw is ready to be embed to Bitspawn APP

Bitspawn Protocol:

• Prepare & test the SPWN Token launch plan on Ethereum

• Rewrite the Queue Service for more flexibility

To learn more about the Bitspawn platform visit our corporate website below.


Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.