Bitspawn bridge is now live!

The official SPWN Bridge is now enabled on!

Please make sure to sign up, confirm your email and then you can proceed with the steps below!

Outlined will be the steps below how to convert your ERC-20 $SPWN to SPL $SPWN!

  1. Users can now deposit ERC-20 SPWN and withdraw to SPL SPWN.
1. Make sure to select the correct info.

2. Then click the withdraw tab on the top right. You can then select the amount you would like to withdraw with a minimum of 5000 SPWN to process.

  • Select SPL
  • Enter your wallet address
  • Accept terms of service
  • Finally hit next!
2. Fill in correct info.

3. You will be shown a summary of the request to withdraw the funds + fees associated!

If everything looks great you can then “CONFIRM” and have the tokens sent to your Solana Wallet of choice. This usually takes around 60 seconds.

3. Click confirm and you should receive your tokens in around a minute!

4. You should receive your tokens in your wallet in around 60 seconds!

Video tutorial on how to bridge ERC-20 SPWN to SPL SPWN.