Bitspawn: How to create your first tournament

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4 min readSep 25, 2021


On tournament page, you click “Create Tournament” And you land in our NEW tournament creation flow. On the bottom left is the card that will update as you go through the flow to show you what your tournament badge will look like.

Once you’ve sent your tournament name and start date we then bring you to the game page to select the game you want, and system it will be played on! This is a Valorant tournament for 5v5 match up on cross play!

you can only select single elimination for now! Once clicked it will highlight a green to show its been selected. It gives you a short description on what it is, and the game types to come!

On the financials page you set the tournament to be Credit or SPWN, but SPWN being first choice! We will do some calculations on the right hand side to explain to users on how much bitspawn would take from the total prize for organizing the event! It will also help estimate how much organizers would take and total value based on a minimum of 100 participants.

For MVP we enable open for everyone to start, and the invite feature for private tournaments will come soon! You can select the amount of teams that will be participating, and if its solo’s the player will represent the team. We support a large pool of participants in case there are major events, but they can update the numbers to smaller more manageable number if required.

You have the ability to enter description, rules, and critical rules which would be eventually be used to make sure users are aware they need to accept these rules to join.

You can then attach your logos, and designs to make your tournament stand out! This will allow for users to promote there brand!

Almost done! you then get to the publish page, where you can see your tournament badge! hover over the controller and you will see the console this tournament supports! You can go ahead and publish outlining a few rules regarding the smart contract!

Once it is published! you can now share it on Facebook, twitter, create an HTML, OR copy the URL (we will change it in the future to allow for users to update the URL for more easy sharing).

Once decide to share the link! you will be sent to the draft page where you can make any final edits or changes needed to support your tournament — The admin sub header opens the door to edit or make any changes to your tournament details if required. If you leave this page and want to come back to edit it, you will need to go to your profile under managed events and re-enter from there.

In this draft state, if you can then FUND your tournament in the financials section if there is NO entry fee for users, if there is an entry fee for users, the tournament will start once the entry fee has been met! If there is no entry fee and NO prize pool, then you can start the tournament right away!

Once you hit publish the tournament becomes viewable to users who can now register to your event. Once you have all your participants registered you can then edit brackets and placed participants in a team or you can add 1 participants to each team they represent or you can just put there name as the team. When you’ve edited all this you can now start the tournament.



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