Bitspawn partners with HERO NFT!

Bitspawn and HERO will work on a unique NFT and more to come, with the ever evolving solana ecosystem.

What is Bitspawn?

Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.

Bitspawn NFTs
- Buy, trade, and sell digital items. Exchange digital items for physical goods.
- Use your NFTs to gain intrinsic benefits throughout the Bitspawn ecosystem.

Bitspawn GameFi
- Proof-of-Respawn (PoR) Reward Mechanism‍
- Rewards are distributed by ‘ability’-based algorithms to align incentives between players, communities, developers, and brands.

Bitspawn Oracle
- Bitspawn’s Gaming Oracle enables the aggregation of on-chain and off-chain game data.
- Community developers are able to build powerful gaming applications and tools.

Bitspawn is a Dynamic Gaming Protocol

The Bitspawn network is driven by the SPWN token, which provides utility in establishing a marketplace of competitive events and community rewards.
SPWN has multi-level functionality: medium of exchange, wallet staking, gaming rewards and progression, and community governance.

What is HERO NFT?

The team at HERO is the first NFT to launch on dual networks, Solana and Terra, simultaneously. Their focus is to bring HERO holders a CTA game focusing on four quadrants in life; The physical, social, financial, and mental. The call to action occurs in a physical gamified experience. The HERO (player) completes a set of challenges/quests to gain points and exchange them for armor, headgear, chest plates, footgear, weapons, trusty sidekicks, and even power-ups. All interactions will take place in our state of the art Roboshop for all to enjoy.


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