Bitspawn / SPWNGODS Staking Now Live!

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2 min readApr 11, 2022

Staking is now live!

It’s here!

You can now stake your Solana SPWN Tokens on application!

Create an account on, and click the drop down to see the tab for staking!

Once you connect your wallet you will see the staking pool, amount of stakers, & APR based on the amount of SPWN tokens you’ve staked. Earlier you stake the higher reward!

Benefits of staking on Bitspawn?

Here is how it works!

For the first month starting on Apr 4th 2022 of staking feature, stakers will only be required to stake only 1 SPWN token to enable them to stake all there NFTs

After 1 month has passed from April 4th 2022, the below will follow:

Minimum Amount of Stake = 100K Solana SPWN

Max Reward Pool = 500 mil

Bitspawn Has offered to put in an initial pre-funding of up to 100 mil SPWN within 1 year from launch date!

The max reward pool is built configurable so we can look to potentially increase your benefits as we grow!

Users APR is dynamic against the total rewards vs total stakers vs bonus percentage for NFT staked.

early users will be able to get a bonus % on APR based total trait per NFT accumulated to reward pool, which means for the 1st month there will be no % bonus cap to those who who stake all there NFTs

NFTs can be staked and un-staked at any-time without penalty, and will update the reward bonus % in real time!

After 1 month has passed, the below will follow:

Max Bonus on NFTs staked = 100%
Minimum amount of NFT staking = User Choice
NFT Bonus is built configurable but users will get up to 100% (based on rarity of NFTS) after first month

Point to mention!

Every-time you stake more, the initial 3 month lock is reset to the date you decided to stake more for total pool!


Common = 0.5%

Uncommon =1.0%

Rare = 2.0%

Legendary = 5.0%



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