Bitspawn update — January 2022

Hi Bitspawn community! Thanks for joining us in our newsletter. Bitspawn is a blockchain protocol built for mainstream adoption.

New Games

Coming soon! We are looking to bring to life play to earn Halo Infinite Challenges to Bitspawn. This will allow you to play any type of Halo game mode to score points

Play as a team or play alone, your score for winning as a team, getting as many kills as possible will all count towards your total score.

Events + Tournaments


  • We will be hosting another SPWNGODS challenge in the coming days to celebrate the launch of our first NFT collection with Bitspawn
  • Be on the lookout for the NFT game badge to join up!


  • We will be hosting another APEX Legends Tournament Jan 30th 2022 on Bitspawn for free! With a chance to earn $100 USD to the winning team
  • It will be a best of 2 series with the team to score the most points for placement & kills

Reports + Additional News

What we delivered last year! And what we are doing now!

Last year we delivered a lot of key functionality on our roadmap which gave our community way more usability for an eSports platform.

Single Elimination Tournament

  • Users can create end to end single elimination tournaments with any games we currently support on
  • Set your amount of Participants, Teams, and Prize Pool all through the create tournament flow


  • Users can use earnings from USDC events that Bitspawn will host for certain tournaments + challenges to redeem everyday gift cards through our new founded relationship with PHAZE (Add link to Phaze website)

Decentralized Wallet

  • Ability to link your Solana Wallet
  • Ability to Showcase your NFTs in your wallet


  • We enabled the ability to deposit / withdraw SPWN tokens
  • We rebranded our landing page, updated our background, and header

Here is what’s being worked on based on our roadmap for 2022

Thanks for reading!

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Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.

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Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.

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