Bitspawn update — May 2022

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3 min readJun 6, 2022

Hi Bitspawn community! Thanks for joining us in our monthly newsletter. Bitspawn is a blockchain protocol built for mainstream adoption.

New Games

Among Us
Destiny 2

We brought to life two new games for tournament creation! You are now able to create your own Among Us and/or Destiny 2 tournament to support your community needs!

Events + Tournaments

Challenges + Tournaments

  • We will be launching our next Monthly and 45 Day Halo Challenge in support of our Halo fans & friends! Be on the lookout for the new Halo challenges to be launched!
  • We will be launching another Apex Tournament in a few weeks! We heard some great feedback from the last one, and we will announce the next one in a week! Stay tuned for the announcements!

Reports + Additional News

Exciting News!

The Bitspawn team has decided to look at a FULL DEFI SOLUTION! Yes you read that correctly! We are exploring building all the similar transactions with a full end-to-end solution! This means funding, transactions, earn, challenge/tournament payout will all be through a defi solution!

Stay tuned as we look to share more details about this in coming weeks!

What we delivered so far this month!

We delivered a lot of key functionality on our roadmap in the month of May which gave our community way more usability for our social gamer platform.

Real-Time Stats of Top Players!

  • Users can now see their names on the leaderboards for their successes in challenges appearing on the home page!
  • Users will be able to see top players from both our Halo and Warzone challenges!

Real-Time Staking Details on Home Page

  • We enabled the ability for users to see real-time staking details on the Bitspawn application!

Stake All + Un-Stake All

  • We built an ability to un-stake all or stake all NFTs to simplify the flexibility for your ability to earn!

Footer + Header Branding Refresh

  • We are improving our front-end experience to better support Mobile + Desktop experiences for the Bitspawn application
  • You will see a better handled experience for both Footer and Header! Test it out now to see these new experiences!

Thanks for reading!

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