CSP DAO x Bitspawn AMA Re-Cap

How to earn playing games, why Solana is a better solution than Ethereum, and how to build trust on a decentralized platform — all of that and much more in a conversation with Bitspawn founder Eric Godwin.

Former competitive gamer, he currently leads the team and product development at Bitspawn.

Godwin said that Bitspawn was created with the goal of enabling more than 2 billion gamers around the world to develop new streams of revenue and income outside the traditional areas of streaming and content creation.

On competitors

When asked whether there are competitors in the space, Godwin admitted that there are, but they are all centralized solutions, while Bitspawn is not.

“We have some competitors in the space both in legacy tech and the blockchain side. All of our competitors are centralized solutions and don’t allow users to build their own competitive marketplaces or communities directly on chain.”

“We are one of the first competitive and social gaming infrastructure platforms, instead of being a gaming DApp. We have our main web app, bitspawn.gg, but with the launch of our network token and blockchain, users will be able to create their own apps.”

To the question of Bitspawn competitors, Eric shared that Dextools, CSP DAO, Moonwhale ventures, Revelation Fund, Fairum ventures are some of our investors and partners.

On earning with Bitspawn

Godwin also shared how gamers can earn using the platform.

“With Bitspawn, you don’t have to be a pro gamer to earn revenue. We provide a number of ways for users to earn money outside of playing directly for prize pools.”

“For example, you can earn money by hosting tournaments and events, growing your gaming communities, managing teams, providing prize pool liquidity to events and earning interest, and creating NFTs.”

Eric mentioned that it’s not necessary to be a gamer to earn money with Bistpawn. “You can use our DeFi tools to lend liquidity to gaming events and earn interest,” he added.


NFTs will be one of the ways to earn money on the Bitspawn ecosystem.

“We will have NFT rewards associated with progression and gaming events. The NFTs will have real value outside of the art themselves. For instance, the NFTs will grant XP bonuses on Bispawn, access to exclusive events, discounts on entry fees, etc. Players will be able to lend out their NFTs to others who would like to utilize those intrinsic bonuses to gain an edge.”

There’s also a verified function of the platform for NFT artists, that will identify the authenticity of their work.

“Bitspawn will be partnering with artists to work on NFTs for our own web app, but with our open source solution, you can create your own gaming NFT marketplaces,” Eric explained.

On partnership and streaming

Godwin also added that Bitspawn is currently working with Northernarena.ca, one of Canada’s largest esports organizers, and a Fifa league, virtual pro network with over 50,000 players, mentioning that there will be more partnership announcements coming.

Bitspawn is working on Twitch integration and YouTube gaming, while also considering Facebook gaming. The platform is working with both blockchain and non blockchain streaming platforms.

And what about partnerships with games?

“We are a Steamworks partner and are fully integrated into titles such as CSGO and DOTA2. We are also working on collaborations with Riot Games, Activision, EA, and Ubisoft.”

Goldwin also explained the difference between Bitspawn and Theta, a infrastructure for decentralized video streaming.

“Bitspawn is focusing on features for gamers outside of streaming. Streaming is a saturated space and projects like Theta would be strategic partners. We want to focus on untapped areas for gamers to make money.”

Speaking about the utility of the token, the founder indicated that the Bitspawn network would have a multi-level functionality, like wallet staking, rewards and progression, community governance, entry fee and prize pool payment and lending.

Does it mean that Bitspawn means to become a scaling solution for games?

“We are a protocol where you can build your own ‘chaingames’ style app. We give you the freedom to build your own competitive marketplaces and communities,” clarified Eric.

On trust within the platform

“We ensure payout for all events is trustless, and players always receive their winnings. Organizers cannot hoard prize pools or take more than they deserve. In the long term, Bitspawn will be running its own leagues from the amateur to professional level.”

We are instituting a ranking and matchmaking methodology so that new gamers or casual players won’t get matched up against pros unless they want to. We will have leagues and tiered ranking systems for events, so players know which are in their skill bracket.”

On future plans

Eric shared that the team is currently focused on PC and consoles but will be “aggressively expanding into the mobile market.”

Goldwin also revealed the roadmap and plans for Bitspawn.

“In the short term, we will be launching our network token in May with an IDO, initial decentralized exchange offering, on Solstarter, adding new features and enhancements to our main web app, including wager matches and gamified progression rewards.”

“Later in the summer, we will be launching Bitspawn native NFTs and our version of DeFi for gamers: liquidity pools for gaming events. By the end of the year, we aim to fully migrate from Ethereum to Solana as our Layer 1 chain,” he added.




Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.

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Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn Protocol

Bitspawn is GameFi for Esports and NFT Gaming — Bitspawn is a web3 gaming protocol built for mainstream adoption, powered by Solana.

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