SPWNGODS by Bitspawn

As part of our commitment to making Bitspawn the leading esports platform, we have been working behind the scenes on launching our first NFT collection — SPWNGODS.

What are SPWNGODs?

SPWNGODS are the first NFT collection to be launched by Bitspawn. They are the first piece in Bitspawn’s Gaming NFT Ecosystem. This collection release will be followed by a gaming NFT marketplace and GameFi system to enable intrinsic benefits in NFT collections launched on Bitspawn.

Each NFT will come with the intrinsic benefits listed below and more.

The rewards of SPWNGODS can include:

  • Reduced fees on Bitspawn Network
  • Increased XP and progression rewards
  • Increased SPWN staking rewards
  • Access to Exclusive events
  • Exclusive merchandise and items

We will be launching using the Magic Eden launchpad. Stay tuned for more information!


Bitspawn Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitspawnGG

Bitspawn Discord: http://discord.gg/bitspawn

Bitspawn Telegram: https://t.me/bitspawnprotocol



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