SPWNGODS — Roadmap explained

We hosted our first SPWNGODS on our Twitter a few days ago, during this we answered questions and went into detail on our next steps, with information on the NFT, staking and other features, here is a write up of what we spoke about;

Phase One

NFT linking to account

  • SPWNGOD holders will be able to link their wallets to their bitspawn.gg account and view their collection on bitspawn.gg.

NFT showcase

  • SPWNGOD holders will be able to showcase their NFT collection on their public bitspawn.gg profile.

Phase 2

SPWN & NFT staking

  • SPWNGOD owners will be able to link their wallets to the bitspawn.gg app and receive staking rewards in SPWN tokens.
  • If holders of SPWNGODs are already staking SPWN tokens, their NFTs will add a staking multiplier to their existing pool.
  • Staking v1 parameters: TBD

DAO Alpha

  • SPWN token holders and SPWNGOD NFT holders will gain access to a private discord group where they can vote on development updates, vote on community projects for token grants, and vote on tokenomics enhancements

Phase 3

NFT Increased benefits

  • Reduced fees on Bitspawn Network
  • Increased XP and progression rewards
  • Exclusive events
  • Exclusive merchandise and items

Phase 4

NFT lending

  • Lend your SPWNGODs out to other community members who wish to use the intrinsic benefits attached.

NFT Marketplace

  • Launch your own NFT collection(s) that receive intrinsic rewards when used on bitspawn’s network.

If you missed our AMA catch up on it here: https://twitter.com/BitspawnGG/status/1483227077000278022


Bitspawn Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitspawnGG

Bitspawn Discord: http://discord.gg/bitspawn

Bitspawn Telegram: https://t.me/bitspawnprotocol



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